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This page last updated January 06, 2009

A Public Rangeland Almanac

Dates of Statehood

Some time back, I attempted to find the dates of statehood for these United States of America on the web. While they are no doubt there someplace, I was not able to find them. A subsequent tax refund included an enclosure introducing "The 50 State Quarters Program" of the United States Mint. This page was initiated with the dates of statehood as listed on that enclosure. It has subsequently been expanded with additional information from a variety of other sources.

Crossword Puzzles are also available based on this information





% Fed. Land





1st Delaware DE Dec. 07, 1787 Dover 0.6 Blue Hen Chicken Peach Blossom American Holly Diamond State
2nd Pennsylvania PA Dec. 12, 1787 Harrisburg 2.3 Ruffed Grouse Mountain Laurel Hemlock Keystone State
3rd New Jersey NJ Dec. 18, 1787 Trenton 2.5 Eastern Goldfinch Purple Violet Red Oak Garden State
4th Georgia GA Jan. 02, 1788 Atlanta 5.0 Brown Thrasher Cherokee Rose Live Oak Peach State
5th Connecticut CT Jan. 09, 1788 Hartford 0.5 American Robin Mountain Laurel White Oak Constitution State
6th Massachusetts MA Feb. 06, 1788 Boston 1.4 Chickadee Mayflower American Elm Bay State
7th Maryland MD Apr. 28, 1788 Annapolis 2.6 Baltimore Oriole Black-eyed Susan White Oak Free State
8th South Carolina SC May 23, 1788 Columbia 5.7 Carolina Wren Carolina Yellow Jessamine Palmetto Tree Palmetto State
9th New Hampshire NH Jun. 21, 1788 Concord 13.2 Purple Finch Purple Lilac White Birch Granite State
10th Virginia VA Jun. 25, 1788 Richmond 9.0 Cardinal American Dogwood Dogwood The Old Dominion
11th New York NY Jul. 26, 1788 Albany 0.3 Bluebird Rose Sugar Maple Empire State
12th North Carolina NC Nov. 21, 1789 Raleigh 7.5 Cardinal Dogwood Pine Tar Heel State
13th Rhode Island RI May 29, 1790 Providence 0.6 Rhode Island Red Hen Violet Red Maple The Ocean State
14th Vermont VT Mar. 04, 1791 Montpelier 6.3 Hermit Thrush Red Clover Sugar Maple Green Mountain State
15th Kentucky KY Jun. 01, 1792 Frankfort 4.8 Kentucky Cardinal Goldenrod Tulip Poplar Bluegrass State
16th Tennessee TN Jun. 01, 1796 Nashville 6.2 Mockingbird Iris Tulip Poplar Volunteer State
17th Ohio OH Mar. 01, 1803 Columbus 1.5 Cardinal Scarlet Carnation Buckeye Buckeye State
18th Louisiana LA Apr. 30, 1812 Baton Rouge 4.0 Eastern Brown Pelican Magnolia Bald Cypress Pelican State
19th Indiana IN Dec. 11, 1816 Indianapolis 2.2 Cardinal Peony Tulip Tree Hoosier State
20th Mississippi MS Dec. 10, 1817 Jackson 5.5 Mockingbird Magnolia Magnolia Magnolia State
21st Illinois IL Dec. 03, 1818 Springfield 1.6 Cardinal Violet White Oak Prairie State
22nd Alabama AL Dec. 14, 1819 Montgomery 3.8 Yellowhammer Camellia Southern Longleaf Pine Yellowhammer State
23rd Maine ME Mar. 15, 1820 Augusta .8 Chickadee White Pine cone&tassel White Pine Pine Tree State
24th Missouri MO Aug. 10, 1821 Jefferson City 4.7 Bluebird Hawthorn Flowering Dogwood Show-me State
25th Arkansas AR Jun. 15, 1836 Little Rock 9.6 Mockingbird Apple Blossom Pine The Natural State
26th Michigan MI Jan. 26, 1837 Lansing 11.2 Robin Apple Blossom White Pine Wolverine State
27th Florida FL Mar. 03, 1845 Tallahassee 8.8 Mockingbird Orange Blossom   Sunshine State
28th Texas TX Dec. 29, 1845 Austin 1.5 Mockingbird Bluebonnet Pecan Lone Star State
29th Iowa IA Dec. 28, 1846 Des Moines 0.5 Eastern Goldfinch Wild Rose   Hawkeye State
30th Wisconsin WI May 29, 1848 Madison 5.3 Robin Wood Violet Sugar Maple Badger State
31st California CA Sep. 09, 1850 Sacramento 43.6 California Valley Quail Golden Poppy California Redwoods Golden State
32nd Minnesota MN May 11, 1858 St. Paul 8.2 Common Loon Lady Slipper Red Pine North Star State
33rd Oregon OR Feb. 14, 1859 Salem 52.5 Western Meadowlark Oregon Grape Douglas Fir Beaver State
34th Kansas KS Jan. 29, 1861 Topeka 1.3 Western Meadowlark Sunflower Cottonwood Sunflower State
35th West Virginia WV Jun. 20, 1863 Charleston 7.6 Cardinal Rhododendron Sugar Maple Mountain State
36th Nevada NV Oct. 31, 1864 Carson City 82.9 Mountain Bluebird Sagebrush Single-leaf Pinyon Sagebrush State
37th Nebraska NE Mar. 01, 1867 Lincoln 1.3 Western Meadowlark Goldenrod Cottonwood Cornhusker State
38th Colorado CO Aug. 01, 1876 Denver 36.5 Lark Bunting Rocky Mountain Columbine Colorado Blue Spruce Centennial State
39th North Dakota ND Nov. 02, 1889 Bismarck 4.0 Western Meadowlark Wild Prairie Rose American Elm Sioux State
40th South Dakota SD Nov. 02, 1889 Pierre 5.4 Ring-necked Pheasant American Pasqueflower Black Hills Spruce Mount Rushmore State
41st Montana MT Nov. 08, 1889 Helena 27.6 Western Meadowlark Bitterroot Ponderosa Pine Treasure State
42nd Washington WA Nov. 11, 1889 Olympia 28.5 Willow Goldfinch Coast Rhododendron Western Hemlock Evergreen State
43rd Idaho ID Jul. 03, 1890 Boise 62.5 Mountain Bluebird Syringa White Pine Gem State
44th Wyoming WY Jul. 10, 1890 Cheyenne 49.8 Meadowlark Indian Paintbrush Cottonwood Equality State
45th Utah UT Jan. 04, 1896 Salt Lake City 64.5 California Gull Sego Lily Blue Spruce Beehive State
46th Oklahoma OK Nov. 16, 1907 Oklahoma City 3.0 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Mistletoe Redbud Sooner State
47th New Mexico NM Jan. 06, 1912 Santa Fe 34.2 Roadrunner Yucca Pinyon Land of Enchantment
48th Arizona AZ Feb. 14, 1912 Phoenix 44.6 Cactus Wren Saguaro Cactus Palo Verde Grand Canyon State
48th Alaska AK Jan. 03, 1959 Juneau 62.4 Willow Ptarmigan Forget-me-not Sitka Spruce The Last Frontier
50th Hawaii HI Aug. 21, 1959 Honolulu 15.1 Nene Yellow Hibiscus Kukui Aloha State