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A Cowfree 21st Century
This page was last updated on August 31, 2011 .

This page is dedicated to the proposition that the commercial production of domestic livestock is no longer an appropriate use of the public lands that make up America's Natural Heritage. Articles, papers, links, and other information in support of A Cowfree 21st Century for the public lands are posted here. 

Note: The Cowfree Posting Date (cfp) is given where the actual date of the linked material was not readily apparent.



Rummage Bin

A perpetual problem with the internet is the aggravation of "broken links". Sometimes the material has been deleted from the hosting website, somethime the entire website has gone out of business, and sometimes things have just been rearranged. As the information that was available from my broken links may still be available on the internet and I just couldn't readily find it, or it may still be available from the original source in some other form, known broken "Cowfree" links are being placed here in the "Rummage Bin" as a source of potential leads for those who may be researching the topic.

  • Lime Creek Cow Alert: With photographs of watershed damage resulting from grazing. Friends of Lime Creek, 1997

  • Who Will Save The Land? The Fish Line, October 1996

  • Public Misinformation. The Fish Line, January 1997

  • What Prevents Healing of Riparian Areas. The Fish Line, September 1997

  • Ranchers and Environmentalists Clash over Sierra Nevada's Golden Trout Wilderness: Years of abusive cattle grazing practices threaten wildlife habitat (and California's state fish). Natural Resources Defense Council, April 1997.
  • Something Fishy About Those Cattlemen's Ads. Natural Resources Defense Council, 1997
  • Tragedy on the Wing: For a Full Half of the Native Bird Species Nesting in America's Dwindling Grasslands, Time is Running Out. National Wildlife Federation, April 1997.
  • Rivers of Crud: Grazing saddles the West with a heck of a problem. Grist Magazine 8/26/99
  • Grazing buyout would benefit endangered salmon. Magic Valley The Times-News, August 16, 1999

  • Grazing threatens goshawk in Nevada. Las Vegas Review Journal, 3/5/99
  • Grazing Subsidies: Your Tax Dollars at Work. National Wildlife Magazine, January, 1996
  • Little Grouse on the Prairie: Reversing the Decline of Lesser Prairie-Chickens. New Mexico Game & Fish Department. cfp 12/3/98

  • Brown-headed Cowbirds: From buffalo birds to modern scourge. Smithonian Migratory Bird Center. cfp:12/3/98

  • Why do we have to sidestep cow pies? Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 8/31/98
  • Rangeland "skin" being trampled to oblivion. DJC, July 28, 1998
  • Fenced Out: Ranchers call it the beginning of their end, but environmentalists say the ranchers' refusal to protect N.M. streamsides has cost them their cows' access to water. Albuquerque Journal, May 30, 1998
  • Decision to Continue Livestock Grazing on Four BLM Allotments Appealed - Desert Tortoise Recovery Plan Violated. Agency Biologists Ignored. Southwest Center for Biological Diversity, April 30, 1998
  • Saving Our Streamland: BLM fences are keeping cattle out, protecting state's fragile riparian areas. Albuquerque Journal, 4/9/98
  • Endangered Species and Livestock Grazing on Public lands. National Wildlife Federation, cfp:3/28/98
  • Endangered Habitats: Prarie Ecosystems. National Wildlife Federation cfp:3/28/98

  • Forest Fraud and Forest Health: U.S. Forest Service Report Hides the Disappearance of Old Growth in the Southwest. Southwest Forest Alliance, November 14, 1995
  • Forest Health and Fire in the West - Grazing Finally Blamed: In sick, crowded ponderosa forests of the west, seeds of infernos lie ominously in wait. New York Times, May 11, 1996
  • Showdown Looms: Do cattle increase threat of wildfires? Arizona Republic, July 6, 1996

  • Environmentalists Say Grazing Has Made Forest Fires Worse. Santa Fe New Mexican, May 15, 1996

  • Forest Policies Come Under Scrutiny. Experts: Better Strategies Could Reduce Fire Danger. Mesa Tribune, May 12, 1996

  • Scientific Study Links Forest Degradation to Overgrazing. Southwest Center for Biodiversity, April 29, 1997

  • Livestock Pollution of Oregon's Water. Oregon Natural Desert Association, cfp:4/1/98

  • Grazing and Rangeland Statistics for Oregon (1990 data). Oregon Natural Desert Association, cfp:4/1/98
  • What Others Say About Grazing and Water. Oregon Natural Desert Association, cfp:4/1/98

  • Some Highlights of NW Power Planning Council Report, Return to the River: Restoration of Salmonid Fishes in the Columbia River Ecosystem. Oregon Natural Desert Association, 1996