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Alamogordo, New Mexico
Office of Public Relations
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For Immediate Release: January 30, 2001 

390 Words

RANGENET 2000 STRATEGY MEETING The long-term plan of RANGENET2000 is to force ranchers from all public lands 

Cattleman And Property Rights Groups To Meet In Los Vegas, Nevada 

In a December 2000 meeting, eighteen environmental activist groups from the eleven western states, several other states and Canada, gathered in Reno, Nevada to plot and jointly sign on to a scheme to force some 20,000 BLM grazing permit holders from federal lands. The plan, called RANGENET2000, is considered by the cattle industry as a serious threat to all public lands users. The long-term plan of RANGENET2000 is to force ranchers from all public lands by listing more endangered species. 

A RANGENET2000 attendee, Attorney Marl Salvo of the Oregon based American Lands stated "Conservationists must address the symptoms of degraded ecosystems through the Endangered Species Act. While sage grouse are considered a good candidate for protection, federal biologists have admitted that any number of other sagebrush obligate species could also be successfully petitioned for listing." 

In response to RANGENET 2000, members and directors of The Paragon Foundation, People's Alliance for Jobs and the Environment (PAJE) Foundation, Frontiers of Freedom / People for the USA and the Public Land Council and others will conduct a strategy meeting on February 24, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

According to the organizers, the meeting will be an open discussion format. They state that topics to be discussed will include but are not limited to: 

Re-authorization of the Endangered Species Act with Amendments. Amendments might include scientific peer-reviewed studies, public and Congressional hearings. 

Exposing the Foundations Financing RANGENET2000 The ranching industry has long pointed accusing fingers at environmental groups for forcing them from the range. It is time NOW to inform the public about the hidden financing of greens by major foundations. Facts and figures on foundations that are financing RANGENET2000 will be disclosed. 

Media and Lobbying Campaign J. Zane Walley, through a Paragon Foundation grant, will present a comprehensive strategy to expose and strongly impact the foundations financing RANGENET2000. Ronnie Meritt of the PAJE Foundation will explain how PAJE is mounting a Public Service Announcement campaign on the airways. 

The organizers invite all concerned parties to attend to the meeting. Special rate reservations are available At The New Frontier Hotel / Casino. Call 1-800-421-7806 and ask to reserve a room for the RANGE FIGHTER CONFERENCE. 

For More Information, Call THE PARAGON FOUNDATION Toll Free at  1-877-847-3443 or email