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This page was last updated on January 06, 2009 .

U.S. Ate 777 Mad Cows?
by: Larry Walker, 3/15/06

Last 8 years:

Estimated total cattle slaughtered About 200 million
(25 million per year)
Estimated total cattle tested for Mad Cow About 773,000
Mad Cows Confirmed


Mad Cow Rate


Estimated total mad cows slaughtered (eaten?) 777 in 8 years
(780 minus the three detected)
98 per year
North-South distribution of Mad Cows detected Border to border
(Washington to Texas)
East-West distribution of Mad Cows detected Coast to coast, minus one state
(Alabama to Washington)
Type of Mad Cows detected 1 dairy (Washington)
2 beef (Alabama & Texas)

777madcows.JPG (100922 bytes)

Testing rate before 1st Mad Cow detected (about 55 per day) about 0.06% of cattle slaughtered 6-18 years to detect next Mad Cow
"Enhanced" testing rate in effect now (about 1000 per day) about 1.11% of cattle slaughtered 4-12 months to detect next Mad Cow
Proposed "scaled back" testing rate (about 110 per day) about 0.12% of cattle slaughtered 3-9 years to detect next Mad Cow